Lauren Meyer is an international production designer/ art director working between New York City and Los Angeles, and is among today’s emerging pioneers in the creative world. Her ability to anticipate and implement a director and creative team’s vision has allowed her to advance quickly in the world of film and become a sought-out designer for upcoming projects.

She started her career as a sculpture artist, creating large environmental sculpture installations at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and The Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. She also focused on video, photography, and art business, all of which have been strong resources for working in the film industry. Her highly trained eye and practical problem-solving skills allow her to work with creative teams in the realm of unique artistic choices while also being able to make the decisions necessary to realize their desired final product.

Lauren has worked as a production designer for feature films, television series and short films collaborating with companies such as Disney, ABC, HBO, Netflix, Hallmark, and BET, as well as talents such as Hugh Jackman, Malcolm McDowell, Lea Thompson, Joss Whedon, Peter Farrelly and Greg Kinnear. She has done commercial work for brands including Honda, Walmart, H&M, John Freida, Wells Fargo, BMW, Pepsi, and Mont Blanc, and continues to take on new and exciting projects.

Glasgow School of Art– Environmental Sculpture
School of the Museum of Fine Arts – Bachelor of Fine Arts ( 2007)
Tufts University – Bachelor of Arts (2007)

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  • Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection,
    affinities, integration, love.

    Louis Kahn