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Dig (2015)

Second Unit
The holiest city on earth has an unholy secret… From the executive producers of Homeland and Heroes, USA Network presents DIG, a thrilling ten-part limited series event. Shot in contemporary Jerusalem, Croatia and New Mexico, DIG stars Golden Globe nominee Jason Isaacs and Emmy Award winner Anne Heche.

When Peter Connelly, an FBI agent recently stationed in Jerusalem, begins investigating a murder, he realizes that he has uncovered an ancient international conspiracy that threatens to change the course of human history. Certain that the dangerous prophecy is nearing fruition, Peter must race against the clock to unravel its mystery. From a remote farm in Norway, to an enigmatic compound in New Mexico, to the serpentine tunnels of Jerusalem, this immersive, fast-paced adventure will take viewers on a quest for a truth that will shake the world’s beliefs to its very core.

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