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The Deal

The Deal

Written and Directed by Daniel Kaminsky

Executive Producer Joss Whedon


The supernatural thriller The Deal is a short film based on the screenplay “Lonesome Town” by Will Strouse.

The Deal tells the story of a former high school quarterback who discovers everyone around him has changed. The screw-up is a star, the fat girl is gorgeous and the nerd is now the most popular kid. But when his girlfriend, the only proof of who he once was, suddenly disappears Bryce will do anything to uncover the truth – even if it costs him more than he bargained for.


Best International Short- Oxford Film Festival

Official Selection- MARFA, Sun Valley Film Festival 2016, Oceanside International Film Festival 2016, Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival 2016, Cucalorus Film Festival 2016, Hollyshorts Film Festival 2016, International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema NICE 2016, Portland Film Festival 2016, Byron Bay Film Festival 2016.

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